HubSpot Masterclass Series | ANZ October 2022

HubSpot Customer Trainer
HubSpot Customer Trainer


Hi everyone and welcome to our ANZ Masterclass Community Group!


This group is for HubSpot Customers across Australia and New Zealand who are booked into our 3-part Masterclass Series on Oct 13, 20 and 27.


It's a space for you to ask questions and share your experience between classes, and to access the resources from each class.


Our agenda for the series:


  1. CRM Management & Data Hygiene - Thursday Oct 13, 10am AEDT
  2. Lead Nurturing Strategy & Automation - Thursday Oct 20, 10am AEDT
  3. Lead Qualification, Handover & Prioritisation - Thursday Oct 27, 10am AEDT

Each class is 90 minutes, and will be a combination of theory, looking in the HubSpot tool, and some hands-on exercises to give you a baseline for executing afterwards.


If there are any specific questions you have on these topics, please add them here!


Looking forward to seeing you in class soon,



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