HubSpot Masterclass Series | ANZ October 2022

HubSpot Customer Trainer
HubSpot Customer Trainer

Week 2 Recap & Resources

Thanks for another great week together folks! If you would like to talk through today's content in more depth, I recommend booking time with your CSM here - they're there for strategic guidance and implementation. If you haven't met your CSM yet, drop a note below and I'll intro you


Resources from today:

The recording

The workbook (make a copy or download as a doc - let me know here if you have any issues)

The slide deck


Homework from today:

  • Review your personas and buyer journeys to create a clear content foundation
  • Complete the mapping for a single lead nurturing workflow (like I walked through in class today) - including the email content
  • Have a go at building your lead nurturing workflow - and share the details here for any feedback


Share any questions or insights here, or book time with your CSM to chat more.

I'm excited to see you all next week!

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