how i can obtain lead tracking information for a data analysis?


Hi there, My name’s Citlalli and I’m a data analyst.

I need to know the number of interactions that have with the clients; for example, an email was sent after a call was scheduled, etc. This with the purpose of doing an analysis of these data.
Do you know how to obtain this data through the api or something similar?



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HubSpot Moderator

Hi @CRojas1 👋great question! Within HubSpot, you can filter your contacts by the Number of sales activities property and that will show you the number of activities the contact has had. This property includes the following types of activities: notes, calls, 1:1 emails, meetings, tasks, or chats. If you are creating a list in HubSpot, you can use this same property in your list criteria. Here is a good resource on using filters to build lists: Determine your list criteria. Hope this helps!