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kara_susvilla on February 03, 2023
HubSpot’s campaigns tool is continuing to evolve, and we want to help you stay up to date with the latest features and functionalities. Check out the product demos below to learn about the tool’s key functionalities and new features. read more
Matt-B on November 24, 2022
Just wondering if there's anyone in the Promotional Products Industry or something related that would like to chat regarding how they/we are currently using HubSpot. Deal pipeline layout, what automation has been helpful and any other tips or fr read more
Thought Leader | Elite Partner
November 30, 2022
Thanks for the tag @kvonloesecke 😊 . Hi @Matt-B and welcome to HubSpot + Community! I think it's great you're asking this question. @jolle more
AfshanAltaf on November 04, 2022
Hi Hub Community! This is Afshan! I have been working as a facebook advertiser and shopify store developer since 2.5 years now and here to learn more and enhance my skill. if anyone need any guidance i am ready to help with whatever experience i ha read more
November 21, 2022
thanks dear
NBailliache on October 27, 2022
Hi community, I'm a big fan of the Hustle (acquired by Hubspot). On their newsletter they have a great feedback feature - 3 image next to each other that lead to 3 different google form for feedback I tried to do a similar thing using the read more
7 Replies
October 28, 2022
Did you check the padding for each emoji? Make sure that the left and right padding are the same. I also made sure that the emojis were centered. more
Roynal on October 04, 2022
HubSpot is a wealth of first-party data. However, a lot of growth teams fail to leverage this data. The importance of first-party data to unlock growth is key for us. Here are some first-party data things in HubSpot that you should be leveraging read more
2 Replies
Thought Leader | Partner
October 05, 2022
@Roynal this is something a lot of marketers don't understand or see the value in. I work primarily in CMS Hub and there is this ongoing more
WhaleHouseNL on September 27, 2022
Warning I'm very new to Hubspot. Is there a way to make a list of contacts who have had more than 3 transactions in a year? I've connected my payment processor (stripe) to HubSpot, so I'm hoping it'll notice all the payments and the like.
12 Replies
October 22, 2022
I don't have any stripe related filters in the list filters? What have I done wrong?