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JorieMunroe on January 26, 2021
Hey there! Welcome to the HubSpot Marketing Study Group. The purpose of this post is to walk you through the experience of getting started and how to get the most value out of this Study Group. If you have any specific questions or comments, please read more
174 Replies
August 08, 2022 12:37
Roynal on August 02, 2022
We think email is a powerful tool to convert users into paid users ✅ . An email sequence that works will keep your free trial user engaged 👍 , give them value, build a connection, and get you the most paid conversions 💰 . How is your emai read more
4 Replies
Recognized Expert | Elite Partner
August 03, 2022 08:03
That's a great call out, @Jnix284 . What do users expect (and accept) as far as a cadence of email communications? Everyday is a lot . But if more
HShahnazaryan on July 18, 2022
Hi! I’m looking For Hubspot Marketers - If you’ve used Hubspot before, and would like free access to the #1 (and only) certified referral app on Hubspot let me know. I have some coupons to give away in exchange for product feedback. Let me know if read more
8 Replies
July 25, 2022 07:15
I dm-ed you @kvonloesecke , now we are creating many resources for Hubspot integration, and I can share them gradually. This is a helpful guide more
LBailey-Moore on July 02, 2022
Hello, Everyone My name is Frances, I have always had a interest in learning online marketing. Looking forward to learning.
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HubSpot Moderator
July 07, 2022 05:39
Hi @LBailey-Moore , lovely to meet you. Welcome to the Community. Have you taken a look at any of our groups? You might find some kindred more
KyleJepson on July 01, 2022
Hey friends 👋🏻 My name's Kyle. I work at HubSpot Academy. You may have noticed that HubSpot releases feature updates at a crazy velocity. Almost every day, there seems to be something new. I think a lot of HubSpot users struggle to keep up read more
1 Reply
July 06, 2022 08:24
Hi Kyle! I'm excited about this event! I'm noticing the registration wants us to connect bevy to HubSpot. I'm hesitant to integrate another more
YoelBen-Avraham on June 24, 2022
It's still not clear to me: Does the Sequence send the message during the "optimal" Open Rate time based upon the Time Zone of the HubSpot Account Defaults Or the Time Zone of the Contact recipient?
1 Reply
June 26, 2022 18:08
@YoelBen-Avraham wrote: It's still not clear to me: Does the Sequence send the message during the "optimal" Open Rate time based upon the more
vitas_sw on June 22, 2022
Hello there, we use the Google Ads integration in HS Marketing Hub and noticed that the conversion numbers do not match. According to the HS support, this is due to the fact that tracking is done in different ways (Google Ads tracks conversion e read more
Community Manager
June 22, 2022 15:13
Hello @vitas_sw , thank you for posting in our Community! When looking at your results from HubSpot and Google Analytics, it's recommended more
Roynal on May 16, 2022
With all the buzz and momentum in the SaaS world of product-led growth, there’s been an enormous amount of emphasis placed on the PQL or product-qualified sales process 🔻 . Here are some things to pay attention to -An ICP match 🚹 🚹 🚹 is read more
2 Replies
June 05, 2022 17:11
Love this sentiment
Roynal on May 06, 2022
As marketers, you're bombarded with a ton of signals from your prospects and customers. The signals can vary from social media messages 👍 , customer emails 📧 , inquiry emails., customer tickets 🎟 ️, phone calls 📞 , surveys, sales feedback, f read more
2 Replies
May 06, 2022 15:31
Absolutely, we created a product in this space for similar reasons. I think we need to talk more about the noise vs signal ratio, so people can more
ArtiumKon on May 01, 2022
Hello, I collect leads with the Chatflow and I want to update the lead status on google analytics with event (using zappier) but I have to use the client google id, is any one know way that i can get the google id inside the chat flow and add it to read more
3 Replies
May 10, 2022 02:01
Thank yoy for the answe, How exacly I save the google id? I have 2 problems : 1.I need access to the website coockies using some script to get it ( more
kara_susvilla on April 28, 2022
Hey there HubSpot Marketers, we have a brand new lesson that you might be interested in: Developing a Lead Generation Campaign With HubSpot . There are several ways to generate leads, but only a few strategies and tools will help read more
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EugenieB on April 25, 2022
Hello, I understand HubSpot doesn't track website visitor data unless they fill out a form on the website. I'm looking for a solution (third party?) that would give me the website visitor data (pre form fill). The idea would then be that I would do read more
1 Reply
HubSpot Moderator
April 26, 2022 03:40
Hi @EugenieB , Thank you for reaching out to us! I want to tag in some of our experts in on this @HubDoPete , @Gonzalo , and more
JorieMunroe on April 12, 2022
The exact marketing reports you use will vary depending on the type of data you’re reviewing and the purpose of each report. They can assess where your traffic and leads are coming from, what content they interacted with, if and when they conve read more
17 Replies
August 05, 2022 12:08
Simple and custom
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