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Hi everyone, I just joined this group as a way to learn what Hubspot has to offer. Any Learning Academy courses I should look into that might be helpful?

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Hi @DRomito! I agree with @ConnorSlivinsky the Inbound Marketing Certification is a great starting point! I would also recommend the HubSpot Marketing Software certification since it covers the tools HubSpot specifically offers. 


If you are looking for HubSpot Marketing specific courses, I would also check out the newly released Lead Management With HubSpot course that HubSpot Academy Professor @kara_susvilla recently shared. 

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It really depends on what you're looking for, there's a lot of choices.  the Inbound Marketing certification gives a good overview of the thinking behind why HubSpot is set up as it is.

Then each "Hub" has it's own software cert that takes you through what each can do. 

Or you can go with the more general courses that aren't explicitly HubSpot focused, like I said there's a lot of choices. 

My two cents, I found it really clicked when I did Sales Enablement course after knowing the inbound stuff (not a sales guy) 

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