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What´s your take on pros and cons publishing ads from HubSpot instead of directly from Google, Instagram and Linkedin Ads? 


Anyone solved the problem as well with @ people publishing from HubSpot?

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Hi there!

I also would have the agree with Jonno. The convenience of having only to learn one ads system that works with a majority of the stuff you need is invaluable, especially if you just need something that works.

I think the only downside however, is that certain platforms will have different options and different functionalities within their own platforms that HubSpot may not offer.

Having to only have to use one platform is definitely a main advantage here.

David Dennison

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Hi there and thanks for tagging me. 

I think for relatively junior marketers, or say small business owners without much experience using the different ad channels and interfaces - the user experience of creating ad campaigns directly in Hubspot might be easier to navigate. Especially if initial integration and set up done properly so that conversion pixel, lead syncing, source attribution/ UTMs are sorted for you. Plus it is handy that you can easily create audiences from within Hubspot (e.g. list based or for retargeting / website visitors, etc)

Personally I favour using the native ad interfaces for building out paid campaigns - especially as some ad types may not be supported fully (yet) via Hubspot ad setup. 

Would be curious to hear thoughts from others. 


Jonno Price
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Hi @elraaxho,


that's a great question, thank you for posting! 

I wanted to tag a couple of other ads experts to get their opinion: 

Hi @Daniel_Bleich@Jonno_Price@NicoleSengers@KTownsend@NFurness@DavidDennison, any thoughts you would like to share with the Community on this matter? Thank you!





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