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Problem with conversion tracking data in Google Ads

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we use the Google Ads integration in HS Marketing Hub and noticed that the conversion numbers do not match. According to the HS support, this is due to the fact that tracking is done in different ways (Google Ads tracks conversion even without accepting cookies). However, it is important for us to know which contacts were generated by Google Ads.

How do you solve this in your companies? Are there any best practices?

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Problem with conversion tracking data in Google Ads

Hello @vitas_sw , thank you for posting in our Community!


When looking at your results from HubSpot and Google Analytics, it's recommended to focus on the trends between the two systems — not comparing X visits from Google Analytics to Y visits in HubSpot.

I would like to share this knowledge base here with more details about "HubSpot analytics and Google Analytics don't match "


I hope this information helps.


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