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Hello, I'm Victor Courville from Louisiana. I'm an Affiliate Marketer and trying to promote Health & Wellness. I've been having trouble figuring out to get sign ups. I post on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest. I'm an older gentleman. And I guess I'm having trouble figuring out, how to attract the right people. I don't like being a Spammer, but I see everyone doing this on all the Social Media sights. I've been away from Online a while, and I'm practically retired now. I would like to do Online Marketing Full-Time. But I just don't understand, how to attract the right group of people. I've made a few bucks in the past, and made very little money. I've used Traffic Exchanges and Solo Ads and bought Leads. But it just seems harder these days. I definately can use some help with trying to Attract the right people. I've been going to Facebook Groups and trying to promote with Images and sharing about the Products. But I'm just not getting any results. I hope there is someone out there, that can help with this. I'm not very Computer Savvy as well. Thanks for any kind of Tips. 

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Administrador de la comunidad


Hi @VCourville,


Thank you for reaching out to the Community!

I think that starting with the Academy courses to learn more about this topic is definitely a step in the right direction! I'd also recommend following the steps that @SNigam shared in this blog article: Tips for Creating an Effective Lead Generation Strategy for Your Business Using HubSpot


I'll tag in a couple of other Community members to see if they have any advice: 

Hi @Jerdaine_digita@adesko@KMelen@CScheel, do you have any input on this matter? Thanks!


Mia, Community Team 

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