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Marketing is about making connections — with your audience and with each other.


With that in mind, say hi and tell us a little bit about yourself.  Here's some questions you can use for inspiration:


  • What's your current role?
  • What industry do you currently work in?
  • How long have you been with your current company?
  • What do you consider your marketing superpowers?
  • What are you currently reading or learning about?
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 Hi everyone, my name is Bella Bovero and I am a Director of Marketing for a small business based in Tampa, FL. We work in the durable medical equipment industry and import products from Europe. I have been with our company for 3 years now. My marketing superpowers are in understanding and learning from our customers and using that knowledge to build campaigns and content to support them on their buyer's journey. I am currently reading "Radical Candor" by Kim Scott which talks about effective leadership by being assertive and empathetic with your teams (great read). Currently, I am taking a certification on HubSpot Marketing Software to brush up on my knowledge of the platform.


Glad to be here.

We install artificial grass ( - a construction company from Los Angeles going nationwide with the help of Hubspot.

It is pleasure to be a part of this group.




I'm Hoshang Jehangirji - an event planner based in India. The pandemic has brought my industry to a stand still - but being the optimist that I am, I'm taking the opportunity to learn and evolve into a new role. After a brief stint as a freelancer on the UpWork platform, I've dawned the role of a Marketing Manager for a SaaS company based in USA. I'm new to this role and look forward to completing my HubSpot certification so that I can do justice to my role & the organization I'm working for.


Any advice for an old novice in this field will be apprecited! Happy to connect with all the beautiful minds here. Cheers!


  • What's your current role? Sales Specialist
  • What industry do you currently work in? Promo Products, B2B sales
  • How long have you been with your current company? 10 years
  • What do you consider your marketing superpowers? Content creation and "go-giver" selling
  • What are you currently reading or learning about? I'm actually about to finish my Associate's in Business Management with a Marketing Focus. And then I'm doing this Digital Marketing certification 🙂

Hello, my name is Annette Gannon. I am a Marketing Campaign manager.  My employer is a SaSS company and I have been with them for nearly 5 years.  I really enjoy digital marketing and marketing automation, but I have been told that I have superior project management skills.  Which makes my current role a good fit. 😁


I am currently starting my HubSpot certifications and look forward to interacting more with the community in the days and weeks to come!


Hey, my name is Rodrigo and I am currently a full time personal trainer. I run my own bussiness as well as work for a small gym. My goal is to become my own boss full time by generating more leads thru social media, and makig sure everyone in town knows me as an expert in my field.  


Writer; business and self-help; 10 years; empathetic content; marketing


Hi everyone, my name is Javier and I live in Auckland, New Zealand. Below are my answers:

  • What's your current role? Marketing Executive
  • What industry do you currently work in? Construction Materials
  • How long have you been with your current company? 2 years
  • What do you consider your marketing superpowers? My superpower is finding creative solutions to complex problems using innovative ways to overcome the challenge.
  • What are you currently reading or learning about? Website performance / optimization

Nice to e-meet you all. 😊


Hi, I'm Anya Reyes. I'm currently the Digital Marketing Manager for Belo Medical Group, the Philippines' leading medical aesthetic clinic. I've been with Belo for almost a year (celebrating my anniversary this July, yay!). My marketing superpowers are strategy, data analysis/insighting, and performance marketing, but I'm shaping up on SEO/SEM, new social media marketing strategies/trends, and creating even better ad campaigns.


Hi, im Teesha Jain. I'm still a degree student and I had startup business in 2020 which worked really well but due to some legal complications we had to close it down. I always love digital platform and Marketing was trait which i gained in the past year So im interested in being a digital marketer and practice it as my career,


Hi, I'm Virginia.


I'm trying to build a business with my virtual assistant skills.  I've recently been working as an apprentice for two ladies who are doing online multi-speaker interview shows, and they're telling me how good I am at doing that, but that isn't what I love to do.  Maybe someday, but not now.  I've been learning so much in the process of helping them that I feel like I'm juggling 20 plates and spinning on three wheels, but not fully "getting" anything fully, because I'm learning on the fly for THEIR business needs and just getting things done.  But it isn't familiar to me and I'm feeling overwhelmed and lost.


I worked in corporate offices for nearly 30 years, and was always VERY good with Microsoft Office, proofreading, transcription, organizing calendars and meetings, etc., and that's what I've always dreamed of doing with an online business, but since I began getting my foot in the door this year, all the social media, digital marketing, online apps and integrations and all -- this stuff is really throwing me because I don't know how to implement it for my own business needs.  I'm going through these HubSpot courses so I can do whatever is necessary for OTHER people's businesses in the future as a virtual assistant, but I can't seem to relate it to my own virtual assistant business.


I'm on a rollercoaster not knowing where to begin, but I think there must be something here.


Hi, I'm a professor of marketing at the University of Missouri. I've been teaching here for 20 years and this fall, I'm teaching a course in Integrated Marketing Communication for the first time.  Hence my need to get up to speed in digital marketing.  I have the power to destroy all student interest in marketing using my life failures as cautionary tales and sometimes I use humor.  Digital Marketing is my focus this summer.  Thanks Jorie.


Hi,  My name is Pratibha and I currently work in a operations management and analytics company which operates globally. I have joined this company in 2019 and responsible for end to end campaign management for Analytics domain there. 

My current role and experience with previous companies provided me a solid experience in account based marketing, digital marketing and brand awareness campaigns. Today, I have started hubspot marketing hub certification course and so far enjoying the content. 

Nice to meet you!!



Hi there! 

I am a communications and marketing strategist. I focus on brand identity, messaging, management. I have been with my company three years. I am spending a lot of my time currently learning about HubSpot! 


Hi everyone, my name is Nathan Pohl, and I have just graduated from Calvin University and have joined the digital marketing agency Symposia Labs as a project manager! I interned with them for about a year while I was in school and am really excited to be joining full-time! We are currently implementing Hubspot for our team and I am looking to learn as much as I can about the platform! 

My marketing superpower is rapid learning. I pick things up very quickly which has helped me fill in and complete a variety of tasks for our team. Besides Hubspot I am particularly interested in learning about PPC campaigns and SEO! 




My name's Jeannette Fackler. I'm the Digital Marketing Manager for a small IT company called IntermixIT. I started with the company on April 19th, so I've been here a little less than 2 months! Hmmm, my marketing superpowers... I think I'm good at written content and being on camera. I'm learning about how to use Hubspot CRM effectively, video & photo editing in the Adobe suite, and Microsoft 365 (our current campaign). Good times! 😉


Hello! I am Dayna and I am a Communications Coordinator, currently working in the senior healthcare industry. I have been with my current company for 3 years 11 months. My marketing superpower is that i'm always educating myself and implementing ways to improve processes and how we do marketing in my organization. My industry has a lot of competition and I want our marketing to be constantly evolving so we can stay fresh in the market. I am currently doing the Digital Marketing training in HubSpot Academy, wanting to improve our companies digital marketing strategy. 

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Hi, my name is Graham McGee and I am currently the Digital Marketing Manager for McGRAW, a full service marketing agency, and we are a HubSpot Solutions Partner. I joined the team in April of this year. My marketing super power is seeking out business relationships with SMB that need a full rebrand, lead gen, or wanting to increase their online presence. I am currently all in with learning HubSpot and becoming a HubSpot guru. 


Hi my name is Roselle and I currently provide social media solutions for a network of global learning institutions. I have been in this company for 6 months now. My marketing superpowers --- hmmm does working fast and my capacity to learn count? But to answer it, I feel my greatest strength is my ability to create strategies that tailorfit my stakeholders' needs. Currently reading these titles: The Philosophy of Education (for my son's homeschooling) and Thrive (for self-growth) 🙂 Nice to meet everyone here!


Hi Everyone!

My name is Barbara Lira and I am currently working on my own business called Santo Palacio here in Palm Springs, CA. I import artisan handmade pieces from Peru to the USA! Its been 2 months since I started, but my father worked in this field for around 20 years. My marketing superpowers are what I would like to discover, but I would say that storytelling is something I emphasized in every decision I make. I am currently reading, The 7 Habits of Highly effective people by Stephen Covey, and as he would say, used you R and I, that is why I am here! Nice to meet you all 💫


Hi, I'm a marketing assistant. I started by writing blog content but I'm learning about all aspects of marketing. I'm currently working on creating lead magnets.