Networking at a Conference, looking for pro tips on making connections in person.


I know we're all a little rusty at in person interactions. I'm going to attend a vaccinated only atendees conference next week where I'll get the chance to rekindle those skills and hopefully start building some connections with healthcare providers that will lead to referrals for our company. 

I'd love to hear your pro tips. Everything from dress and demeanor to opening engagements and what not to do. Sucsess stories and flop stories also welcome! 


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For healthcare, you're definitely going to want to dress professionally. Make sure you bring some business cards or have a way to transfer information that's quick and easy.


The best advice: those people are probably just as worried as you BUT they are also there to network, so you have nothing to lose. LITERALLY.


Just wing it and talk to as many people as you can. But don't be salesy. Offer value on why they should build a relationship with YOU, not your company. People want to connect with people.


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