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Hi everyone, I'm new to Hubspot and would like to know more about Digital Marketing. Thank you, Iqbal

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Hi @iqbalM 

Welcome to the community!

Here are some link which will help you to enhance your knowlegde in Digital Marketing:


This is the link to HubSpot Digital Markrting certificate ( CLICK HERE )




Deepak Garg 
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Community Manager

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Hi @iqbalM,

Welcome to the Community! We are so glad that you are here!

Thank you for reaching out to the Community about this ❤️

I'd like to share these resources that might help you:

Digital Marketing Course: Get Certified in Digital Marketing (FREE certification)
- Digital Marketing made simple
The Who, What, Why, & How of Digital Marketing
The Ultimate Guide to Marketing Strategies & How to Improve Your Digital Presence

I'll be happy to pu you in touch with some Community Members that are part of this group: Hi @sVerreault@DHarakhavik@HerreraRangel@RonAhmed7 and @mmasse4, do you have any tips or experience to share with @iqbalM, please?

Also, if anybody else has anything to add and/or share, please feel free to join in the conversation 🙂

Thank you and have a wonderful day!


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