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Anyone tell me about the vacancies after completion of this course

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Most Valuable Member | Elite Partner

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Hi @Arham00, what type of job are you interested in?


Is there a specific industry? B2B or B2C? Agency? 


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Community Manager

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Hi @Arham00, I hope that you are well!

I love this question, thank you for reaching out to the Community!

I'd happily put you in contact with other Community Members that are also part of this group:

Hi @PJain0702@FedeVara@Muhammadhammadh@Arham00@BOdufuwa and @Anshp1 were you looking for a job when you took this course? If yes, did this course help you finding your next job? Which type of job did you find? Or in which job are you right now, to help @Arham00, please?

If you are looking for a job, I recommend cheching the "HubSpot Careers" page to see the open positions in HubSpot.

Also, you can subscribe to our Job Listing Forum here to get notified when a new job post is online.

If anybody else has anything to add and/or share, please feel free to join in the conversation 🙂

Thank you ❤️ and have a lovely day!


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