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In this Todays AI's World, AI Can replace the Digital Marketer?

If No why? If Yes Why?

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In this Todays AI's World, AI Can replace the Digital Marketer?

Hi @BNaikode , @MiaSrebrnjak 
thanks for the invite to contribute!

Yes interesting topic for sure! We are seeing advancements all the time in Automation and AI but I believe we're not at a stage where AI will replace Digital Marketers.

Programs and tools to assist Digital Marketing actions have been around for a long time. Using current tools, we can easily carry out actions like collation, scheduling, posting etc. Similarly, many programs can be tasked to search out keywords, tags or images relevant to a topic or theme and publish them as a body of content. Starting from zero and taking over my daily actions however, using mainstream generative text programs available to the masses right now, I'm not worried. Such programs are presenting content that is all very generic and broad. Context and Personalisation are missing, which are core to the brand message and USP that we want to deliver as marketers.


Perhaps we could consider that Digital Marketers - trained & educated in AI tools, resources and systems - will replace Digital Marketers who are not! 😀
Have a great day! best regards, Ferg

Community Manager
Community Manager

In this Todays AI's World, AI Can replace the Digital Marketer?

Hi @BNaikode

This is a very interesting topic!

I'm excited to see what your peers have to say about this; I'll invite a couple of other Community members to this thread:  

Hi @AElder, @EDrello9, @LDebbaut2, @FWalsh2, do you have any thoughts on this topic that you'd like to share? Thanks!


Mia, Community Team


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