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HubSpot is a wealth of first-party data! are you using it for revenue?

HubSpot is a wealth of first-party data. However, a lot of growth teams fail to leverage this data. The importance of first-party data to unlock growth is key for us.


Here are some first-party data things in HubSpot that you should be leveraging

  • HubSpot Analytics
  • HubSpot forms data
  • CRM activity, notes, and interactions
  • Landing page analytics (thru HubSpot analytics)
  • Meetings data
  • Email campaigns data
  • HubSpot payment/billing solution data

These data sources unveil an amazing amount of value. If you're using more than one system to do all of this or using HubSpot - you should definitely check out what we're building.


We think First-party data is the future and here to stay. We did make a quick video (90 seconds) on the importance, do comment when you can.

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Most Valuable Member | Diamond Partner
Most Valuable Member | Diamond Partner

HubSpot is a wealth of first-party data! are you using it for revenue?

@Roynal this is something a lot of marketers don't understand or see the value in.


I work primarily in CMS Hub and there is this ongoing debate in the website world of why someone would switch from WordPress to HubSpot and while all of us who love HubSpot are saying, "why not?" it just isn't that obvious to customers because it comes down to so much more than the CMS.


It's literally everything else that comes along with it. Making data driven decisions changed the course of my career as a marketer and I don't know why anyone would want to fly blind or use disconnected systems.


Thanks for sharing your thoughts on first-party data, there is so much to gain from using HubSpot data!

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Community Manager

HubSpot is a wealth of first-party data! are you using it for revenue?

Great advice, @Roynal!

Thanks for sharing 🙂 

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