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How can I start a career in Digital Marketing without a degree?

Good afternoon everyone, from a very sunny and hot UK! 


I have just started my HubSpot Digital Marketing course after finishing my Google Digital Garage - Fundamentals of Digital Marketing course, and I'm absolutely loving it! The content is so helpful and I've learned so much already. 


I have wanted to get into Digital Marketing for quite some time now, and have even started an Instagram page showcasing my skills as a portfolio of my knowledge. 


I have experience working to client specifications from previous roles, as well as producing sales pitches and email marketing, but have never been in a pure marketing position, only sales. 


I am really eager to get my foot in the door but don't have a degree, so was wondering if any fellow Marketers on here had any advice? Or even any stories of how you got into Marketing without a degree?


Thanks in advance 


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How can I start a career in Digital Marketing without a degree?

Hi @CPratt9  I'd suggest setting up a blog and implement those learnings in your blog. This is the first practical first step for your digital marketing career.  

Aakar Anil
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