Welcome to the HubSpot Marketing Study Group!

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"I love those connections that make this big old world feel like a little village."

~Gina Bellman


On the HubSpot Academy team, we have this principle: Always be learning.


We define it as: 


"As a leader, you are innately curious and cultivate a growth mindset. Push your own boundaries and explore new areas of growth. Seek our diverse perspectives and be comfortable challenging your beliefs. Find ways to be better – there's an opportunity to learn from everything and everyone."


This principle holds the Academy team accountable. It pushes each of us to approach each idea and interaction as an opportunity to learn something new. It's taught each of us to celebrate when you get the opportunity to help someone. And to seek out opportunities to help people in your network. The most valuable connections you can make are the ones that are genuine.


Which brings me to the purpose of this group. 


This is your dedicated space to come together and discuss the topics, best practices, and ideas for becoming an effective HubSpot Marketing professional. Pro tip: If you haven't already, sign up for the HubSpot Marketing Software Certification Course. This course will equip you with the knowledge needed to become an effective HubSpot marketer (and contributor to this Study Group).
We look forward to meeting you!

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I have learned a lot so far, but still haven't taken the test. we have been using HubSpot for about a year, so now I am going back, doing this as a refresher course and making sure that we are set up with best practices and optimized. Tactically, I have created a running list of tasks we can look at and have gotten the most value (so far) out of the SEO optimizaiton tool. 


What was enlightening to me in the course was learning about the SEO tool in HubSpot and how to gain content ideas and appropriate keywords for the campaign you are working on.  I haven't finished the course yet and am happy to gain SEO knowledge and skills to be efficient in my market. 

HubSpot Employee

My favorite HubSpot marketing tool is the SEO tool. It challenges me to think bigger picture with my content strategy and ensure there are connections (i.e. links) that bridge my content (i.e. experience) together.


What's your favorite HubSpot marketing tool and why? 


Thank you for this information.  I am motivated to complete as many certifications as I can so that I can do my job the best way I can. The parameters of my position were nothing like I had expected so this is a driving area of information that will be nothing but beneficial.


My best, 

Rachel Vansickle 

Community Engagement Specialist 

for the Paskenta Band of Nomlaki Indians

HubSpot Employee

Thanks for the reply @RVansickle. HubSpot Academy has a lot to offer. Keep us posted on your progress and let us know if there's anything we can do to help. 


You got this!


Hi there! Im happy to learn more new things in this platform. Regards. 

HubSpot Employee

Hello @GAraujo. Welcome to the group! Anything specific you're excited to learn more about?