May 2017 Revisions to the Sales Referral Partner Program Agreement

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We’ve updated the February 2017 version of the Sales Referral Partner Program Agreement, and we wanted to give you some info on what’s changed.


In the ‘Partner Acceptance’ section, we’ve added some information about where to find the enrollment criteria and the timeline for completing the enrollment.  We have also added language about what happens if you want to participate in the Sales Solutions Partner Program or Agency Partner Program with HubSpot. You’ll want to give that section a read for all the details.  


We have updated the “Revenue Share and Payment’ section with language about our minimum payment threshold.


We have also included a couple of revisions to our ‘Term and Termination’ section about what happens if you switch between our different sales partner programs. In particular, what happens if you want to come back after you have left the Referral Partner Program and what happens to your revenue share if you switch between the Referral Partner Program, Sales Solutions Partner Program or the Agency Partner Program. You will want to give this section a read for more details on this.  


Finally, as we usually do when we update our terms, we made a few minor drafting clean-ups and clarifications.


That’s the story for this revision.  Of course, please remember this is just an informal and high-level summary of the most recent revisions to our Sales Referral Partner Program.  You should always make sure you’ve read and understood the complete Sales Referral Partner Program Agreement before you participate.


Questions? Let us know.


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