March 2017 Revisions to the Education Partner Agreement

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We’ve updated the terms of our Education Partner Agreement (a.k.a. the “EPA”) that applies to participation in the Education Partner Program.  We wanted to share some info on what’s changed.


First of all, we’ve included some additional terms to cover that we may make a HubSpot portal available to you use per the terms of the EPA.  We call this the “Academic Portal” in our ‘Definitions’ section and you’ll see see some new definitions that relate to this change as well.  In our ‘Partner Support’ section, we now have the terms that apply to your use of the Academic Portal, so you’ll want to give those a read for all the detail.  We now mention the Academic Portal as appropriate in other sections, such as in the ‘Proprietary Rights’ section and in the ‘Disclaimers; Limitations of Liability’ section.  We also added an additional obligation in the ‘Indemnification’ section for actions brought against us related to your or your End User’s use of the Academic Portal.  Check out this section for the specifics on this obligation.


Secondly, we updated our ‘Partner Acceptance’ section to include a “Provisional Acceptance Period”, which describes the first 30 days after acceptance.  During this period, we might ask for more information about your course or program, for example.  If we decide not to move forward after this period, we can terminate as we specify in the ‘Provisional Acceptance Termination’ section, another addition in this revision to the EPA.  These changes help us to better reflect how the program is intended to function and to provide some clarity on program management.


Please remember that this is just an informal high-level summary of the most recent changes to the Education Partner Agreement, and that you should always make sure you’ve read and understood the complete Education Partner Agreement before you participate in our Education Partner Program.


Questions? Let us know!

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