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February 2017 Revisions to the Connect Program Agreement

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We’ve updated the October 2016 version of the Connect Program Agreement, and we wanted to give you some info on what’s changed.  First off, we changed the name to the Connect Program Agreement.  As part of this name change, you’ll see some of our definition terminology throughout the agreement has changed too - for example, Connect Participant, instead of Connect Partner.  There’s also a new definition of “Installs” included in the ‘Definitions’ section.


In the ‘Company Acceptance’ section, we’ve added information about the Connect Program tiers.  You’ll want to give that section a read for all the details.  As part of this addition of tier information, you’ll find we’ve made other related updates throughout the agreement, such as in the ‘Certification of Company Products’ and ‘Training and Support’ sections.   Also in the ‘Training and Support’ section, we’ve included that some program benefits and offerings may require agreement to additional terms.


In the ‘Confidentiality’ section, we added that HubSpot customer and prospect information will be considered Confidential Information, even if it’s not marked as confidential.


Given the addition of our Beta Integrators tier, we added a new section in the ‘Term and Termination’ section called ‘Termination and Beta Integrators’.  This section covers the terms and process for termination if certain criteria are not met.


Finally, as we usually do when we update our terms, we made a few minor drafting clean-ups and clarifications.


That’s the story for this revision.  Of course, please remember this is just an informal and high-level summary of the most recent revisions to our Connect Program Agreement.  You should always make sure you’ve read and understood the complete Connect Program Agreement before you participate.


Questions? Let us know.

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