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your new condensed view is not working for our team

Since April 12, we see in the contact details that the information is condensed, but it not workign for our team. We need to view the information of our contacts quickly and now we have to open each item.

Definately now happy with this new change. Can you make it possible to have this as an OPTION to show the view condensed or not..

Please advise!

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My team was caught off guard by this roll out. Was this properly communicated before happening? If this happened in the height of our season we would experience a significant reduction of efficiency and lose money in result. Unacceptable. Did we miss some month long "beta view" like prior roll outs? 

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Thank you for sharing your feedback with us! We have added a new toggle in the top right of the timeline that allows you to choose whether you view your timeline activities as collapsed or expanded to help you team work faster.


@Anonymous, thanks to you guys for fixing it so quickly!


Thank you very much for making the change, it has made things much easier


I totally agree. If we are to call 100+ people, then this new interface requires a lot of clicks before you actually see the previous activities in the account. It slows down sales reps decreasing their activity speed.

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I only recently got the new UI and I personally like it. It makes it easy for me to more quickly see all the communications over time. I think it would be good to have the option to collapse the right pane (that was there before even though I never used it). 


Have to agree - the condensed view was not well thought out. 


Especially in the timeline of Tickets.....if there is a note and someone puts a comment - you cannot see there is a comment unless you specifically click on it to expand the view. How is anyone supposed to work like that? Clicking through everything to see where the update is? Not well worked o ut


I don't undestand why they would consolidate as it requires more clicks.  I would much prefer to have "Tasks" on the top"  You shouldn't have to go "Sales" and then Tasks.


There is even a screen shot of what it used to look like and it was so much better