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use workflows to enroll contacts into sequence by "contact owner " property

It is great that we are able to enroll contacts into a sequence via a workflow, however, I noticed when doing this we do not have the option to set the set the sender as "contact owner". This would be a helpful feature for those who would like to send sequences from different users


Really goood idea. Such a shame that the sequence sender options cannot be assigned to a team and automatically split up amongst the team. 


Workaround for this is to create a list and a workflow for EACH AND EVERY sender. What a waste of time when hubSpot can easily add an option to the sender field of "split amongst a specific team"


You can actually do this pretty easily using workflows and if/then branches.

Yes, that’s what I’ve learned to do. This can definitely be made a lot
easier than that. Whenever a new team member gets added to the team, the
workflow will have to be looked at.

Ideally, once they’re assigned to the team, they will automatically become
part of the email rotation.