two submit buttons same form

I realize with CTAs it is usually better to have only one.  However in some industries the sale funnel such as the haircolor business has complications to it.  Often users will want to speak with someone about their questions about our haircolor rather than just go to ordering it.... however the same lead information is needed... so by providing a secondary button may result in more clicks for users who want more information but can use the same form keeping the page cleaner.... 


A lot of retail sales is more straight forward with a simple price push and value prop for the product needed... in haircolor its a big commitment and life change for salon owners because no two haircolor lines act identical (different chemistry results etc.)  and they want a clear idea of what they are purchasing...




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I have the same need. I want to use two submit buttons. One to a women list and the other to men list. something like the example bellow.

Screenshot 2018-10-18 at 09.39.16.png