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track youtube ads through hubspot

It would be really helpful for attribution reporting to also see YouTube ads in hubspot.


As a marketer responsible for ad budgets proving ROI of our spend, it would be helpful to see ROI across all my digital ads, rather than just search, display and paid social platforms. 


This would provide a more complete view of our ad spend, and highlight where to optimize based on sales performance to improve overall conversions rates. 


Given YouTube ads are completely integrated into Google AdWords, which is already linked to HubSpot Ads, and YouTube reporting in the social reports, it shouldn't be too much of a stretch to display ad impressions, views, clicks, submissions and attribute deals to this channel. Original sources are already being set here, but it is not indicated this is a paid channel anywhere. 

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HubSpot Product Team

Hi @KatieMarr - I agree. We're actively scoping out ways to incorporate reporting for YouTube ads. We have not yet committed to development in this area, but it is a strong possibility.


Hi @KatieMarr & @WillDekrey 

I completely agree with this idea, it becomes a real need on my side. Google Ads campaigns are abstract with conversions, but including them in Hubspot gives us real data on the number of contacts created by these campaigns.


It is a real KPI allowing to prove the optimization of the campaigns as well as the allocated budget.

HubSpot Product Team

YouTube reporting is now available in HubSpot. It is under Google reporting, Type = Video.


@katie_koenig Is there a link to walk me through setting this up?