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timeline retrieval through api

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As it is now, timeline can only be viewed in Hubspot but not retrievable from the API.

Suggestion: Please make it possible that we can retrieve the datas such as datetime and activity itself from API

Reason: these datas are highly important to be analyzed and we need to analyze them with much more analysis logic.

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 This feature is highly needed, especially if HubSpot thrives to be a serious enterprise level marketing tool. More and more companies are building Data Lakes, Customer Data Platforms etc., and have the desire to combine data from multiple sources.  Unfortunately, as currently fetching standard/default timeline events (except email events) of an user through the API is not possible, it's a serious limitation on HubSpot and puts it to a disadvantage when compared to other enterprise solutions.

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When HubSpot wants to be an enterprise marketing automation service it has to offer the best possible integration options to large-scale organizations customer data architectures like CDP and Data Lakes. That's why it is very valuable to share HubSpot tracking data with other tools to do even better customer-centric marketing, sales, and service.


It's a shame it lost the 94 votes from the previous system. Perhaps Hubspot just don't want to do it.