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the ability to edit emails before forwarding them.



In conversations, we like the shared mailbox feature and that email forwarding has been added. However, it would be better if we could edit the email before forwarding it. Most of the time the whole email thread is not relevant to the person you are forwarding the thread to and you only want to send certain parts of the thread. It would be good to edit so that only the relevant parts of the email thread are forwarded.





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YES please this feature would be really useful - to be able to edit an email thread when forwarding it. 🙏 @hubspot 


This is need for our business. In some cases there are manufacturer costs or other internal communications that cannot be forwarded to customers. It is inefficient to copy select items into a new email thread instead of forwarding an existing edited thread.

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Please do it. Sorry but that´s really embarrassing that is not possible. 😉


This is a much needed feature here, customers have reached out saying that they need this feature because they want to keep their contacts in the loop but sometimes there are information in internal communications that have to be edited out. 

Their current workaround is to remove the senstive information and pasting the edited "history" in a new email.