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storing attachments

hi there,


HS is storing every attachment of an e-mail. our company is using links, logos, pictures as part of the signature. all these are stored, with extensive e-mail exchange these are adding up to hundreds of stored attachments. Making it impossible to find relevant attachments.

Would it be possible, to either:

- avoid auto-storage below a certain size of an attachment

- allow search of attachments

- allow bulk-deletion of attachments by name, size or similar

thanks for having a look

Best regards

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Absolutely agree! Real issue.


it can be done, even if you want to store geometry dash meltdown


allowing bulk deletion would really make it easy.


This would be so valuable! We really need to be able to search through files as well as bulk delete. The default inclusion of email signatures (logos) is extremely noisy and it's impossible to find the key files without attaching them directly to notes & comments within the activity timeline. 


The attachments feature is fairly useless with default creation/addition of attachments as it stands right now because it becomes overly cluttered. Search and bulk delete are needed!