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set documents owner

Use case: marketing updates & loads documents, but sales should be displayed as the owner

Request: make the owner of the files in Documents a dropdown selection that can be updated and centrally managed

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This would be incredibly helpful! I upload a lot of docs for sales team and use the links in crafting copy for them but want them to be notified of document views. 


This is a must as if the Orginal Document Owner Leaves the organisation the only way to fix the problem removes the uploading of all the documents again


I hope this is updated soon, this would do wonders for being able to properly track and share documents!


Of course it must be possible to change owner of a document.

Examples: A person leaves the company, a 'secretary' does a mass import of documents on behaf of the organization.

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Has anyone found a hack for this?

Besides uploading the documents once again.



Completely agree.  In my view, Sales Documents is the single biggest weakness of Hubspot.  And the issues should all be easy to fix, including the issue I reported here over 2 years ago.  The tracking of Sales Documents is working.  The problems are:


  1. Only Document Owner received alerts (email and feed) of any engagement with the Sales Document.  But rarely is the Document Owner also the Sales Rep.  Hence good point you make in this ticket.  But I think the issue is beyond changing the document owner.  The real issue is that the Contact Owner, should be alerted when the target clicks on a Sales Document. So if you have 250 sales reps utilising your latest brochure, the only route forward (as advice by Hubspot) is to upload the same brochure 250 times.
  2. There is currently no way of re-assigning a Sales Document to a new owner.  So if the person that uploaded e.g Whitepaper X leaves your company, the only solution is to re-upload the same whitepaper.
  3. It is not possible to use clicks on a Sales Document as a trigger e.g. for enrolling a contact, or a workflow e.g. to trigger an automated follow-up task.  This makes no sense as described here.

PLEASE add a feature to be able to change the owner of a Document. We don't want to have to upload all the documents again!!!!!