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select which deal(s) values show, when tokens used in sequences / mktg emails

Desire is: select which deal(s) values are shown, when a contact is associated with multiple deals. 


The current situation is:


When contacts are enrolled into sequences that use deal tokens, when the contacts are associated to multiple deals, (as verified by hubspot support:) only the information from the most recently created deal will be included when using a deal token. The token does not take into account any factors such as close date, deal stage, or whether the deal is open or closed.


Also from Hubspot Support: To test this, I created two deals for one of my contacts, then enrolled them into a sequence. The email they received contained the information from the more recently created deal associated to that contact, but did not contain any information from the "older" deal (even when I included two tokens for "Deal Name"- they both showed the name of the more recent deal). I then created a third deal for that contact, and enrolled them into the sequence again. This time, the third, "newest" deal was the one included in the token values.

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This is something I am struggling with at the moment too.  I would also like to have the option of being able to specify which deal I would like included in my personalisation tokens.  We quite often have multiple deals against one individual.


definately would be good, we are finding it hard to understand why this is not a standard feature as without it using templates is very difficult


It would be nice to be able to select the deal that goes into a sequence. We have customers that may have multiple deals going at once. But the sequence token only allows you to attach the most recent deal to the sequence. 


I feel this is actually a bug and not sure why it isn't addressed as priority, especially when a Contact can have MANY Deals.

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Facing this same issue on the BETA Quotes Personalisation Tokens when pulling in any value for which there are multiple options. 


Similar issue for me. I want to be able to select the deal that is mentioned and provide detail. Also, I need to be able to email multiple contacts about a given deal.