secondary email and smart lists

Our sales team will often have contacts that use different emails depending on which one of our products they use and how they engage with us via webinars, emails and offline event attendee tracking.


Due to this, secondary emails are important to be recognized when building out lists with the 'Email contains' filter. This allows us to create targeted lists to use for marketing emails, automation, reporting, etc. It is frustrating when a list does not reconcile the count as expected because an email is secondary and therefore not being pulled into the list.


It seems like an obvious miss and should be addressed.

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I have a similar problem.


If contacts are opted-in to an email subscription with their secondary email address, there is currently no way of filtering for these in lists - even though that specific contact is in fact opted in.


Ideal functionality: list filter could pick up on secondary email subscription, and ensure that when I come to send an email using this list, it is sent to the correct address.