report on average sales cycle length

There's currently no way to create dashboard reports for looking at the average sales cycle length.


'Time to close' doesn't do it, because that uses all close dates, not just dates for sales that have actually closed.


The nearest you can get is displaying deal created date alongside the date the deal entered the current deal stage 'order received' (in our case)... but that's not much use.


This must be a common requirement, particularly for SaaS companies. 


Having to export deals and do a manual workaround is a pain.

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Hi Jane, did you ever get to the bottom of this? Or are you still having to export deals and doing a manual workaround?

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YESSS! This would be so helpful. We also want to see a running average for other things like demos booked, demos completed, etc. to see if we are below or above average. I posted the idea here:

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Can't believe this isn't at standard "out of the box" 


Haa anyone got a solution? 

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The only workaround solution is to pull a report for a list of contacts, export those contacts, throw them into excel, and grab the averages that way.


For example, we wanted to see on average how long it took someone to book a consult call. We made a Lifecycle stage report of everyone who went into the Sales Qualified Lead Stage and the date that activity happened, and we also added create date. I exported that data, and we were able to find our average that way.


It's mind-blowing that software that tracks all of these dates, and can pull workaround reports, can't track this. At least, giving us a report that shows how long it takes between each Lifecycle Stage or Lead Status.


I hope that helps. 🙂

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I'm not sure if it helps but I use the deal property "Days to Close."


Then I filter the report by only ones that reach the "closed won" stage. If it helps, you could also filter by the properties, "deal create date" and "deal close date."


For our company, we also have different services which I filtered on so I can see the sales cycle for each service. 


The premise is that we only create a deal when it's a SQL. If it isn't, then it remains in the MQL stage. So our sales cycle literally starts on "deal create date," and ends on "deal close date.


Hope this helps!