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it would be great if we could have more history to scroll through on our recent activity widget, when you've been dealing with new customers and a lot of them in a day and you forget someone's name, there's no real easy way in the CRM to find out who it was, the recent activitly widget is great for this but i would love a longer period of time to be able to scroll through

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I second this motion! Would also like to see the ability to filter among different types of activity (similar the new web analytics dashboard) so we can quickly view all the calls, emails or meetings that have been set today. A search bar would be great too...

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Same here!  To read what your team have been doing is really time consuming as well - you have to click the email, go to the contact, then click more before you can read the emails!


My recent activity only seems to show 2 days worth of emails even if I set it to All Data or One Month - unless I filter it by an individual.  Is the amount of scrolling limited to 2 pages or something?

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Having only 20 recent activities visible to sales people is a HUGE barrier to productivity.  Update, please.  

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We have to do a fortnighly activity report and so I need to be able to see a record of all my HubSpot activity in one place.  I have filtered by Owner at the top of the dashboard but even with just my own activity showing in the widget it still does not show a fortnight worth.  The option to show more or to generate an activity report covering a specified period of time would be extremely useful.

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I have a team that puts together weekly reports and one of those requirements is activities.  It would be great for them to see more than 20 of their activities AND to be able to export them as well.

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This is truly misleading that you can choose "entire year" and only see 20 records.  It's incredibly disappointing that this thread has also been live for 2 years and nothing has been done about it.