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re-order the name of connected inboxes

hi team, posting this idea on behalf of my customer:


they currently have multiple Conversations inboxes set up, and would like to be able to choose the order in which they display in the Conversations Inbox. 


I.e. they would like to be able to change the listing to list the inboxes in alphabetically order, right now the inboxes are listed in the drop-down in the order that they were created. 


hence, they would like more flexibility in determining the order instead. 



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We have 40 inboxes in Hubspot and will have more soon, about 100. Not being able to list them alphabetically is really time consuming for us. Please please develop this feature 🙂


It would be great to have the option to sort your inboxes alphabetically, or by preferred individual view if you manage specific inboxes. The only way to accomplish sorting alphabetically, is by deleting and adding them in order yourself. This does not seem like the ideal way to sort inboxes when you have to add a new inbox down the road...then delete and re-add them all over again 😂


We are able to sort tickets pipeline, we need to be able to do the same with our inboxes to place the most frequently used at the top. Thank you