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quote based trigger for "published"

It would be nice to have the option to trigger a workflow based on if a quote has been published or not. We are trying to tie this to "deal stage" and have the stage listed as "quote issued" automatically.

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Great idea. It would also be helpful to be able to report on Quote status alongside Contacts, Deals, Line Items etc. For example, the number of Contacts which have been emailed a Quote in the last month.


We really need this trigger ASAP to run tax calculations with our external application which does lookups based on item type and zip to calculate taxes.  Out of all of the triggers, this seems like one of the most logical ones to have.  It could also be useful to have notifications based on this for management oversight of when quotes are sent out. 


I found a workaround for this. If you don't have the Require approvals on all quotes setting turned on, any created but not published quotes will have a Quote approval status of Draft. When published, it will change to Approval not needed. I have a workflow for a quote review process that enrolls deals made by our reps that have the Quote approval status is any of Approval not needed and it works just as you'd like it to. When the quote is published, our fulfillment team is notified.


This would also be helpful for my team for us to know how many quotes have been published in the last month 


@KHartleyDev - that is clutch advice.  Thank you!


But...Hubspot, let's get Status available for workflow triggers.  Crazy this isn't an option.