"user XXXX commented on project YYYYY" notifications on projects

I've setup a project along with a multitude of tasks in HubSpot for our team to work from and be more efficient at identifying tasks as well as an easy way to manage them.


However as the creator of the project I receive 10-20 email notifcations a day as team members leave comments for one another working within their specific task area. To be clear these are tasks to which I am not even assigned, nor mentioned by name. Simply I get an email every single time a user makes a comment. After 1-2 days I can have 40 emails from HubSpot and somewhere mixed into that are some tasks which I am assigned and trying to keep on top of. This has got to be the most inefficient use of someone's time to disseminate what is relavant.


On top of this, when I am logged into Hubspot and want to view my notificatons it is completely riddled with these "comment" based notifcations where again I can not easily find what's relavant for me.


I've contacted support, they advise there is NO OPTION TO TURN OFF COMMENTS as project owner and so I write here to please create this simple option as it is aboslutey nesecessary to make using the project function even somewhat conducive.


Also to mentoin that when "hide completed tasks" or even a filter is applied from within the notifications window it is RESET each and every time you refresh the page or visit jump around from task to task.


Can you please address these issues? It should not be hard to add one more settings option to disable comments notifcations for creators/owners of projects. thank you.

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I'm having the exact same issue!


Thank you for sharing. Hopefully this will get some traction with HubSpot product dev. 

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@seanpomory - I don't mean to sound negative but after using hubspot for four months and finding an array of these types of quirks, many times we are being given answers/solutions that don't even exist, or it's become apparant that hubspot does not even use it's own tools for productivity or surely some of these issues would be long resolved by now. 


It makes no sense why someone who created a project should automatically receieve 20-30 emails a day and that is with just a small team of 2-3 assignees.