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"create a follow up task" customize the task title

When an activity is logged and the option is presented to "create a follow up task" i would like to be able to edit the title of this task during this step, one is only allowed to chose in how many days the task will be created. I do not find the current subject "Follow up with Bob" very useful. It creates several extra clicks which I have to remember to do in order to change the title after the task has been created.

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Good morning,

It would be extremely helpful to have the [Follow-Up Task] to be based on the activity logged! For example, if I logged activity for a first outreach, I want my follow-up task to be:
Follow-Up From First Outreach.


Or, if I'm following up from a demo, I want my Follow-Up task to be:

Follow-Up from Demo 


Basically, whatever activity I'm logging, I want the follow-up task to include the activity name in the follow-up. 


It would be extremely helpful to filter tasks based on follow-up and to organize by priority.


Here is a video explaining:


Thank you for your consideration!


Yes please! This would make life so much easier!


I agree!  The only place in Hubspot that we can't title our tasks is the "Create a follow-up task" option when sending an email.  If we were able to title this task it would allow us to know what is required at a glance...especially when the task is a month or more in the future.  


I agree, please implement this feature!  I only reference the Title section when performing a Task, so if I can quickly customize the Title section in the pop-up box that appears when I close out a task, I can create my follow-up tasks much faster.  As of now, I have to go back and open the Task that's automatically created and overwrite the generic "Follow up with XXXX" Title that's created.


Yap, that would be awesome! 


That would save time in one of most frequent activities I do in Hubspot


That would be so cool! +1 


That would be very useful and save a lot of time!


Ditto to what is said above.  Follow up with Jim Smth doesn't tell me a thing about what I'm supposed to follow-up about.  Until recently, the new, poorly named task would jumpt to the to of my tasks, so I  could click on it an edit it.  Now, it simply disappears.  I've got to reach for the contract and then edit the task.  It's nearly unless and takes way to long to be useful.