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"View as ..." mode

In addition to the "Log in as ..." mode, it would be very helpful to have a "View as ..." mode available. Sometimes, I just want to make sure that e.g. a colleague acutally has the rights to view a certain contact before I share it with them. "Log in as ..." is a bit overdone for these things, especially because I do not want to do anything on their behalf and, also, I don't want to confuse them with an e-mail notification "Isa has just logged into your account". 🙂


Anyone having the same need? 😊

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Yes! Especially when building sales dashboards or reports - I don't need to login as them, I need my permissions. But I do want to view the whole dashboard as a sales person to see what the reports look like without having to temporarily change the "Deal Owner = Me" filter on each report. 


Yes please!! When onboarding freelancers for different projects, I want to give them as few permissions as possible, and I also want to be able to double-check they have everything they need before they're given access. I have a fair idea, obviously, based on the permissions I did give, but I want to have 100% certainty that they're seeing the correct experience.


This is also true when setting up internal employees -- not everyone needs to see everything, and if I had a solid idea of what different permission sets look like, then I could make better use of the team/saved permission set features. 


Plus one as I'm trying to see the view as a user I just customized their permissions and figuring what they do and don't need without too much 'back-and-forth'.