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"Today" Option for Workflow Date Picker Fields

It would be incredibly helpful to see "is any of today" as an option when setting an enrollment trigger or if/then branch with a date property within a workflow.


For example, we have date properties for tickets for when a product proof and final draft need to be sent out to a client. If I want a task to go out to the ticket owner reminding them that the product is due today, there is no option for that. The closest I could get is "proof date is less than 1 day from now" and the task would be sent out the day before the set proof date. 


Hopefully this would be a quick fix! Thanks for your consideration. 

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A "TODAY" date parameter would also enable a Workflow to notify Deal Owners when the Close Date is before today's date and thus needs updating.  This has actively been requested on Hubspot's forums for over 3 years.


A "TODAY" parameter would also enable a report that shows Renewals due "After" TODAY.

The alternative here is for Hubspot to add options for "Next 30 days", "Next 60 days" and "Next 90 days" under the "Is" filter


Hubspot, do you plan to develop a date parameter of TODAY please?  This request has been active for at least 3 years, and the above suggestions do not provide us with an automated solution.  Thanks


+1 for implementation of a date parameter called TODAY...


Yes, we really need this. It seems like a no brainer. 


I couldn't believe that his basic thing is a Hubspot limitation


Is there any update to this functionality? 


A TODAY date would solve many problems.


We also want to have a workflow, which sends out a notification if a close date from a deal is in the past (or today).


A simple workflow would be nice:

- Deal is not "any closed stage"

- Deal close date is today (or in the past)

- sent out Notification to Deal owner


There seems to be a workaround with deal close date is "less than -1 day ago".

In total this is still a urgent request from many.


This EXACT topic was requested in 2018.


Baffling this isn't a feature, we really need this.