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"Send submission email notifications to owner" setting delay

I've seen numerous issues where HubSpot users are having issues with the "Send submission email notifications to owner."


When a user fills out this form and becomes a contact, they may not have a contact owner. In many cases, there are a number actions that take place in order to set a contact owner after a form submission. For example, a form submission may store data that puts a contact in a list, which enrolls them in a workflow, which sets the contact owner property.


This is an issue because this setting looks for a contact owner immediately. In many cases, this is before a contact owner can be set, and so emails are not sent. I'm suggesting a brief delay to the "Send submission email notifications to owner" that checks for contact owner after 5 - 10 minutes or so to send them email, rather than immediately. This would give the contact time to have a contact owner assigned in many cases, and improve the experience for our customers.

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Please make this happen 🙂


We could use this as well. We activated the "Send submission email notifications to owner" option on most of our forms so we could stop routing everything through our small biz dev team and instead send notifications directly to the appropriate rep. To reduce the burden on our biz dev team and to increase respose time. However, the "Send submission email notifications to owner" setting won't send an email to unassigned Contacts, and new Contacts created via form submission are unassigned at creation. So now a portion of our form submission notifications go directly to the contact owner (for existing contacts), but we still have to CC our biz dev on everything so net-new contact notifications don't fall through the cracks. Biz dev still has to manually review each notification to confirm if it's net new or existing. This gap eliminates much of the value using the "Send submission email notifications to owner" as every response still has to be evaluated by our biz dev team to ensure proper routing, and leaves room for confusion and duplication of effort on biz dev's part. 


Adding an optional 5-10 minute delay to this function would be a good workaround as we have some processes (in HubSpot as well as in our Salesforce integration) that need time to run to assign new contacts to the appropriate owner. 


I agree 100% with this. Setting a time delay on new unknown contacts after a form subission to allow for the various workflows to flow through would be ideal. I am struggling with this exact use case atm where by our regional BDMs only want to see the form submissions from their area. We use a country drop down on all forms to work out who should be the contact owner, but because this takes time to work through that workflow our BDMs never get the form data notifcation. For me this seems like an oversight by Hubspot for how leads should be distrubuted. Please can Hubspot make this happen ASAP!