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"OR" for task view filters

I would like to have "or" combinations when creating task views because I want to make a default view for our company where everyone sees all their tasks that are due today plus any tasks from previous days they haven't finished yet. This would need a filter like "due date is today OR due date is before now".


Otherwise, you have to choose between not seeing today's afternoon tasks or not seeing your tasks from previous days. I'd like to make it as foolproof as possible for all users to see everything they have to do today and anything they missed previously, even if they forget to check multiple times or click through multiple views.

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At The University of Tampa, we need an "OR" option on the task view to display all of the incomplete tasks assigned to a user "OR" to a queue. The way it is built now, our users have to check two separate task lists and one of those (the queue) will get forgotten. I have attached a mock up.HUBSPOT - OR on Filter.jpg