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"No Associations" When Calling on Hubspot

The Hubspot Calling Feature is fantastic but I wanted to point out a very obvious flaw that will hopefully create a bit of efficiency for folks hoping to ramp their call velocity. 


When you select a phone number to call, the window in the bottom right often pops up with "No associations" and makes you select the contact, company or deal you would like to associate with. 


When a phone number is connected to a contact, it should automatically associate at least with that contact. This will avoid extra clicks and allow a higher call velocity. 



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HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team
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Hey @petercraigen! What you're describing in this idea is the already designed behavior, and how I currently see the tool functioning. If you're not seeing your calls have the record you're calling automatically selected to associate the call to, please reach out to our Support team Smiley Happy