"Never-Track" Domains, similarly to the existing "Never-Log"


I am sending emails to contacts in my CRM, and I am also keeping in cc some colleagues of mine, who need to be part of the thread. I am interested in tracking whether the external contact of mine has opened the email, but the tracking pixel notifies me whenever anyone opens the email, including my own colleagues. 


I would like to add my own domain to a "Never Track" list, so that the Open Count on the email actually refers to relevant opens of this email. 

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Basically the filtering should be possible on doman and not IP address in general.

This would help us in other areas as well.


I would like to have  "Never Track" ability to filter out our busniess email domain.  We set it to Never Log, but we still are inundated with notifiations on tracking which  overwhelms the meaningful tracking of prospects.  


It would be a great idea to have a 'Never Track' list!   Most all of the ones in my 'Never Log' list would definitely be on the 'Never Track' list!