"Lead Scoring" for deals


Rob and I would like any actionable intelligence about deals. For example, what deals have higher contact activity? Are they downloading case studies, viewing videos, etc.? Could we see a Hubspot score report by deal instead of just by contact?

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According to article "https://knowledge.hubspot.com/articles/kcs_article/workflows/how-do-i-copy-the-hubspot-score-contact..." there is a way to copy the 'HubSpot Score' from a 'Contact' to a 'Company' and vice versa but I cant see how the score can be linked to a Deal.


Will look forward to hubspot devs answer. 

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We would like Lead Scoring to be applied to deals. Deal Scoring. 


This will allow us to prioritize deals that have better Deal Properties. 


Our deals have multiple contacts associated with them and we try to communicate completely on the deal level. Our deals also have about 100 Deal Properties that qualify the project as it progresses, something that cannot happen across the multiple involved contacts. 


+1, please.

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I do see there is a new "Score" Contact Property type. This functions in the same way the Lead Scoring section use to and, in fact, Lead Score is now managed as a contact property.


So at this point, the solution would just be to make the Score property type available for deals. Easy-peasy?



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Totally agree with the comments above. Having an intelligent (automated) scoring system based on Deal Properties would be incredibly powerful for sales teams to better focus on highly promising deals.


This could be quite powerfull combined with plabook questions, based on properties with i.e. a Y/N value. 


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Similar use cases as stated above. We have a process where all of our inbound leads come in and create a new deal, so our team is primarily working off the deal record. As they collect information through discovery and intro calls we wanted to have the live deal score live on the deal vs. the contact.




Could we see a Hubspot score report by deal instead of just by contact?


It would be extremely helpful to score deals to help determine the likelyhood of a deal closing or if it is just wasting a sales person's time. ie if properties x, y, & z are not present for this deal then the likelyhood of the deal closing are minimal and the deal may not be worth persuing. 


I just can't understand why we are not able to score a deal? My team has a 'deal' qualification playbook they fill and I would LOVE to score that deal based on that playbook. However, I noticed I cannot have 'scoring' properties on deals.


Furthermore, I cannot copy any 'scoring' or 'calculation' properties from companies to a deal via a workflow.


I'd love to see this implemented.

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Hi all,

I'm pleased to announce Deal Scoring is now in beta. If you would like access please email lars (at) hubspot.com with the HubSpot portal ID you would like to use this on. 



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This feature is now live! For Sales Professional and Enterprise, you can now create Deal Score properties in Settings.





Hi Lars,


For the deal score feature you said is live, are you talking about this https://knowledge.hubspot.com/crm-setup/set-up-score-properties-to-qualify-leads


From what I can gather, the score from that feature is a manually set up process and is not based on a statistical model. Is that correct?


If that is true, is there a way in HubSpot to use a statistical model to score deals' likelihood to close? For instance, the Contact property of Likelihood to Close is a model that scores all of our contacts, and the weighting is done by a model.