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"Invoices" object - France

Hello folks, 


Today I am writing about the "Invoices" object for the french users (in France only)


Actually, "Invoices" object becoms functionnal only if you have a QuickBooks integration. 


At the same time, quickbooks is stoping its activity in France by the end of this year "2023" (And already does not take new customers) - communication Quickbooks 


Actually it would be good to delete this standard object "Invoices", atleast for those who do not have Quickbooks integration. 


And by the end of 2023 for all the french users since there will be no more Quickbooks in the french market.


Why ? 


If you ever want to create a custom object and call it "Invoice". You cannot create it with these internal values as they are the same as the native useless object "Invoice" !!