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"Internal Company Record" Token

Currently, there is a token - Internal Contact Record - that can be used for emails that are saved for automation. It is a hidden Hubspot Contact Property that generates a link to a specific contact record. It is used in an email for quick access to a given contact, instead of spending time looking for the contact through the search bar by name.


There is no such token for Companies. It would be very useful to be able to link a company record into an email for the same reason as it's useful to link a contact record. Furthermore, it would even be helpful to link an internal Deal Record. I believe this is a basic feature that we should get asap!


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Thank you 🙂

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I like this!

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There's an easy hack for this! Also you need to do is include the link/url to your Hubspot instance (ie copy the link to any deal or company) and paste it into the notification. Then delete the record number from that url (set of numbers before the last backslash) and replace those with the personalization token "Deal ID" or "Company ID"





and that link will take you to the deal record!


Repeat the same for company records, ie



@EmilyFriedrichs Ahhhhhh, that's a brilliant idea! Thank you for the suggestion!

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@EmilyFriedrichs Great hack! Thanks for sharing! 😁