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"Include in XML Sitemap" on/off option for pages in HubDB tables

According to HubSpot's Support team, whether a HubDB created Page appears in the XML Sitemap or not can only be controlled at subfolder level. 


We have a scenario where a parent page should be indexed by search engines, but the many pages within the subfolder should not. Unfortunately, this means the entire subfolder of content has to be included in the sitemap so that the parent page is easily indexed. 


We've added a noidex code to the subpages, but at scale this is a huge number of pages we're telling search engines to crawl via the XML sitemap, only to then say "don't index".


And the result is that we have thousands of these noindex pages clogging up Google's crawls of the site, and significantly delaying the indexation of new content. 


A solution like a Yes/No column in the HubDB table that says "Include XML Sitemap" would be ideal. We've tried developing one, but it is not being recognised by HubSpot and is being overridden by the Subfolder rule mentioned above.