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"File usage" should work with PDFs

According to : 

  • Only the locations of video and image files are indexed and showed in the File details panel. The locations of other types of files, such as PDF, are not indexed.

PDFs should be included in the "file usage" feature! 


Think of things like analyst reports that you license distribution rights for; they have expiration dates (which, btw, there should be a "set expiration alert" option for all file types too); even product sheets such as solution briefs (which, for some reason our sales people INSIST on having as a PDF) should show where they are being used across the website, for when those PDFs get updates and need to be replaced. 


Much more important, in my opinion, than just being able to track "file usage" only of images and videos. 

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I'm going to add this here as it's the only somewhat relevant one I can find.


If any type of file is used in smart module content, File Manager displays that "This file is not used anywhere." But it is!


As with the PDF suggestion above, if a file is in use anywhere across the platform, then it should say it is and tell us where. It's misleading and can lead to major errors during audits and clean-ups. Otherwise, instead of "This file is not used anywhere", it should say, "This file is not used in mainstream content, but if it's a PDF it may in fact be being used, and if it's used in a smart module then it also might be being used. We don't really know."


I reached out to support today with this issue as well. I am trying to clean up some documents in the hubspot file manager and noticed that a PDF that is being used on a hubspot hosted page displays that it is not being used. If a document is being used on a hubspot page or in a CTA I would like to be able to determine that it is in fact in use through the file manager. This would really help to avoid accidental deletion of files in use!