"Created by" property with a value for all records

Create a "Hubspot managed" property on all object types (contacts, deals, companies, tickets, etc.) called "Created by" and containing the name of the user who created the record. This field should be Hubspot managed a bit like "Created Date" or "Lifecycle stage" properties. 


Some possible use cases:

1/ a new lead is created as a contact, but contact owner is assigned, we don't know where is this coming from. With "Created by", we could ask that person.

2/ new leads are created by "lead generation team" and assigned to sales team. With this feature, we could accurately report on the performance of the lead generation team.

3/ A deal is created and associated to no contact (by mistake). It's lost somewhere in the system and no one is taking care of it... with this feature, we could trace back, go to the person who created it and know what to do.

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I would've expected this to be present on any database as standard functionality. If it's a visibility issue, the "created by" values should be accessible for queries and filtering. No one should need to create workarounds (as advised here - https://community.hubspot.com/t5/CRM/Who-created-each-contact/td-p/4300) to audit record creation. 


If HubSpot is not recording the user creating records, collecting that data should be a high priority.