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"Create New Contact for New Email Address" Option on Pop Up Forms

1. Hubspot Marketing users

2. Goal is to have accurate data on contacts

3. Will add a very useful feature from normal forms to the pop up forms

4. On regular Hubspot landing page forms, there is an option to "create a new contact for new email addresses,' which prevents the system from overwriting contact fields when a form is filled out multiple times by the same person or a cookie is tied to one person and inadvertantly passed to another (via an email forward, for example).


We have had several instances where our executives will forward our blog emails to new execs to encourage them to subscribe, and the new exec clicks the links in the forwarded emails and then subscribes to the blog. The issue with this is, we use pop up subscription forms on our blogs, and there is no option to "create a new contact for each new email address." So the original execs information gets overwritten by the new, and then our reporting on the exec activity goes out the window.

If pop up forms could also have this "create new contact" option, this would solve the issue we are expriencing. 


6.  Here is a screen shot of the setting, and in factm all of these settings are missing from pop-up forms, but would likely be beneficial:



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To HubSpot product team: please can you enhance this function soon in the pop-up form, given that this is such an important feature to capture organic leads. Overwriting email data is a big no-no for our company as we connect our backend data via API to HS and these connected data will go to waste when the email gets overwritten.

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I have been dealing with this for a while. One of our best lead sources, but the continual overriding of a different contact record because someone on the same computer that was cookied signed up via a popup.


This is a huge glaring miss product-wise and needs to be addressed ASAP. Until it's updated, I am shutting down popup forms.

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Agree that this feature is as necessary on pop-up and non-HubSpot forms as it is for standard HubSpot forms. Please add this option ASAP!