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"Case" Branching Logic in Workflows



It'd be really helpful if If/Then branches could be based on more than one case. For example, if I want to send a specific email to a contact based a property value, and there are 5 property options, this requires 4 If/then branches. Would be great if one block could manage multiple cases.


Following an if/then branch or the above case branch, would be helpful to be able to rejoin branches so that the remaining blocks do not need to be duplicated for each branch. So, if I just wanted to change 1 email in the above example per a property value, but the rest of the workflow is the same, I could build only one series that applies to all 5 branches.




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Another thought to add - the above scenario could be address by smart content, but I want to report on the different variations of the email separately, since they go to different personas. If smart content emails had separate reported per variation, that would also be helpful.

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 I was coming in to add this exactly.  We have multiple URLs that redirect to a main download page and we need to apply lead sources per URL that we can pull out with manual tagging.  I'm currently at 13 if/than statements to capture and apply lead sources.  This would be much cleaner if I could apply case statements instead of if/than statements.

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This would be very helpful for us.  We have alot of workflows that do different things depending on the location our customer is interested in and since we have 7 locations, we need to have 7 levels of an if statement.

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I came in to request a solution to the issue of allowing workflows to rejoin branches, or in other words, to have an IF/THEN/EITHER functionality where we could carry on with the workflow in either event so you don't have to create duplicate branches. The use case is whenever you want to perform a check to possibly set a value or something and then carry on with the workflow. If the case model can accomplish that, then this is badly needed. I have come across this use case again and again, and still haven't developed a decent workaround. 

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I really love this idea! Previously, I voted for the option to clone branches within workflows but this seems like it would allow an additional level of simplicity even if it requires a bit of a different breakout that just an if/then branch. It would be cool if HubSpot combined or consider these votes with the votes here to find a great solution and help it carry some weight since it's a very time consuming issue.  https://community.hubspot.com/t5/HubSpot-Ideas/Clone-branches-within-a-workflow/idi-p/17453

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super powerful! good point

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Equipo de producto de HubSpot
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Case statement would be very helpful for us.  We have 7 locations and have several workflows that have 7 if branches to accomplish.

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Equipo de producto de HubSpot

Great to hear! We're currently developing this solution which will go into a beta and eventually out to all our customers! 

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YES PLEASE.   The IF ELSE daisy chains are killing us!!!!

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Equipo de producto de HubSpot
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The feautre is now out to all workflows in the new system! 

Screen Shot 2020-01-24 at 10.13.21 AM.pngExample multi condition branching!